Windermere vs Sinnamon Park - A challenging comparison

A Prestigious Estate within a Beautiful Suburb has its challenges!

From one proud Windermere resident to another I know how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to be living in such a wonderful, family oriented community.  Despite  this, most people in the Brisbane area don’t know Windermere exists… I intend to change that to improve the value of our homes which will in turn improve to overall value of Sinnamon Park!

In 2017, I ‘Sold’ a home in Samuel Place, Sinnamon Park and after extensive negotiations a great result was achieved for all concerned. It was the 2nd highest sale for Sinnamon Park and the Buyer was surprised to learn the difference between the market of Windermere as compared to Sinnamon Park as a whole.

Ultimately, they were happy to pay the ‘required price to be able to call the property home’.

During this negotiation, I myself was reminded how vastly different our little piece of paradise is and thought I would share some market statistics with you…

Comparative Market Data Sinnamon Park vs Windermere
(given the delay with accurate collation of data by the Dept. of Environment and Resource Management
we have compared 2016 as a whole and the first half of 2017)

Sinnamon ParkWindermere
Total Sales in 20169627
Median Sale Price 2016$674,000$912,500
Median Sale Price by mid 2017$750,000$995,000

Differential:    Median Sale Price + $238,500 (33%) higher in Windermere

Other interesting market trends of 2017 (January – June):

  • In early 2017 sales volume for Sinnamon Park & Windermere decreased by approx. 14%;
  • The median price increased for the area of Sinnamon Park from $674k to $750k;
  • Windermere’s median price increased from $912,500 to $995,000;
  • The median differential is still around 33% higher for Windermere than Sinnamon Park.

This data demonstrates a very clear challenge:  A lot of buyers simply don’t understand the true value of the ‘Windermere Estate’ unless they are educated, after which time, I have a firm belief the buyers will pay fair premium market prices.

Achieving a Premium Price requires a well thought out and executed strategy which I discuss in detail with every client prior to listing and launching to market.  If you would like to discuss these options please contact me to arrange a no-obligation appointment.


Scott Gemmell
Director/Licensed Agent/Auctioneer
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Windermere vs Sinnamon Park - A challenging comparison