1. Clearly ascertain and identify your reasons for selling. Be confident with relaying this to your selected agent.  It may have a real effect on how the property is marketed.
  2. Choose your Real Estate Agent carefully to ensure you identify with the agent.
  3. Obtain an honest and reliable appraisal and ensure the agent identifies a price range in which your property should sell (there are very few exceptions to this) that can be justified with solid research.

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR LISTING TO BE ‘BOUGHT’ BY THE AGENT.  Agents can sometimes ‘overinflate’ the price in order to ‘buy’ your listing.  Ensure they can justify the price range with relevant research.

  1. Once a realistic price has be set – don’t’ be afraid to discuss this openly with your agent as they should be confident in their recommendations.
  2. Select a method of sale that is appropriate to your selling needs (not the agents needs).  Your property is the priority.
  3. Discuss and agree on an appropriate budget that can be structured to provide credibility to the property without placing an unexpected strain on your finances.

In modern Real Estate & Business, various options are available to ensure you maximise your exposure to achieve the highest possible sale price.

  1. Set an appointment to sign the Form 6 (Listing Documentation) in the presence of your selected agent.  They will explain the document to you.

Do not leave this meeting with any answered questions.

  1. Prepare your property for sale to ensure that it is presentable for every inspection.  Discuss your work commitmets and lifestyle with your agent so that your property is afforded every opportunity of selling whilst minimising the impact on your day-to-day routine.
  2. Source a solicitor and enquire about their fees and services. This step should be done prior to signing a Contract of Sale in order that it can be dealt with promptly.  We can provide you with th Contact Details for a number of reputable firms.
  3. The Contract of Sale.  Relax!  Be guided by your agent (if they have got you to this step – they have done a great job BUT do not allow yourself to become to pressured).

Feeling a little anxious is OK the reality is you are Selling what is likely to be your biggest asset HOWEVER if you feel to pressure at any time discuss this with you agent.  A true professional will work through it with YOU.